Security services

From penetration testing and security risk assessment through to mitigation, intrusion prevention and breach recovery & forensics, we offer a full suite of services to keep your business safe and secure online.

Trusting your organisation's online security to 44 Bytes and our proven track record means you can concentrate on your business goals without worrying that technical dept or undiscovered vulnerabilities could harm your operations.

Penetration testing

Regular penetration testing of your websites, services, and connected business assets is the only way to discover and remediate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by criminals or malicious hackers.

Regulatory compliance in sectors including banking, finance, healthcare and insurance requires that penetration tests are regular and that the results are remediated and retested.

Even those organisations without a regulatory obligation to conduct penetration tests should be proactive in performing them - because if you are not testing your assets, it's almost guaranteed that somebody else is already probing them for weakness.

"The report your team provided was very thorough and provided the insight we needed to make sure our systems are secure."

Aviance Capital Management

Intrusion prevention & detection

We have developed a unique no-compromise security stack of IPS, IDS, usage/traffic regulation and heuristic analysis systems which we deploy on our own networks & servers in conjunction with firewalls, honeypot systems and DDoS mitigation hardware.

This security stack has kept our managed hosting customers safe for many years, and mitigated or made harmless the tidal wave of attacks faced by our clients, from massive denial of service floods to sophisticated intrusion attempts.

"We feel good knowing that 44 Bytes always have their eyes on our website, proactively scanning for security issues and keeping our presence safe from harm."

Compliance Solutions Strategies

Breach recovery & forensics

If your business is under attack or some of your systems have been penetrated, recovery can sometimes seem impossible. Our expertise in securing compromised systems can get your organisation back up & running with minimal stress, and put into place systems and practices that ensure future attacks are mitigated.

Advanced 24/7 monitoring systems

Our sophisticated monitoring and analytics systems are always watching. By employing intelligent heuristics and pattern analysis tools, potential problems can be spotted far in advance of becoming critical issues.

All of our infrastructure and our customer's sites & servers are under the scrutiny of continuous security & performance monitoring, intrusion detection, and penetration testing.