Secure managed hosting

From small business to large enterprise, we provide bespoke managed secure hosting solutions for websites, applications and servers.

Secure hosting with 44 Bytes enables an organisation to keep its internet presence operational and performing at its best, in the face of constant; persistent and advanced hacking threats, and protect against disaster scenarios.

Exceptional performance & reliability

Lightning-fast networks, service optimisation, proactive caching and content delivery systems ensure the best possible experience for your users.

Our systems are redundant and hardened against both software & hardware failures, with load balancing and hot-spare infrastructure in place to ensure faultless uptime.

"Thanks to 44 Bytes we experienced a seamless migration of our bespoke CMS platform from our ageing physical servers over to brand new, optimised and secure infrastructure in the cloud, ensuring zero downtime for our millions of monthly users."

Nlife Media

Security in depth

An uncompromising, layered approach to internet security and intrusion prevention is at the very heart of our business.

Our infrastructure is constantly monitored and tested to ensure security, prevent penetration, and optimise performance.

"When our Yooka-Laylee campaign exploded into the biggest gaming kickstarter in UK history, 44 Bytes kept our website up against the torrents of eager fans, denial of service attacks, and everything else the internet threw at it."

Playtonic Games

Always-on support & monitoring

Professional help and rapid incident response is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No matter the problem, our engineers are ready to assist.

Our advanced monitoring systems are capable of spotting and responding to potential security, performance or network problems before they occur.

Robust backups & disaster recovery

Our systems are secured against disaster scenarios with encrypted, geo-diverse backup systems. Multiple redundant copies of your data are always available, no matter what happens.

All data storage is backed by industry-leading encryption for the ultimate peace of mind.

"Working with 44 Bytes has been a breeze - they're super nice guys, explain everything quickly and clearly, and have designed, built, and managed a great-looking website for Two Point Studios!"

Two Point Studios

Revision tracking & audit control

Every single change made to content, presentation or service configuration layers on our systems is tracked in minute detail, enabling easy change management/reversal and allowing advanced audit reporting.

For an organisation that has a business need to keep a handle on what changed when and how, this presents an invaluable resource that can be leveraged for audit control, compliance reporting, and evidentiary proof.

On-demand application hosting

Super-fast provisioning times and full flexibility combine to give you unparalleled access to instant hosting power, whenever you may need it.

We can supply, configure and manage virtual cloud servers in multiple locations so your projects get up and running fast, with low initial cost and plenty of room to scale.

Fully managed & optimised servers

For businesses whose requirements have surpassed shared or virtual cloud hosting, we offer dedicated custom-built servers for maximum performance.

As with all our hosting solutions, all configuration and management is taken care of, with extensive expert support available 24/7.

Content delivery & streaming

With a global CDN infrastructure with 24 geographic points of presence spread across every continent (well ok, every continent except Antarctica) our highly optimised network gets your content to users faster, no matter their device or location.